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The Smartest Way to Solve Problems with Visual Support

VIVAR Is the World’s First AR Remote Support Service Using Video Call.

How It Works


Remote Support

Augmented Reality

Point your smart device’s camera at a real-life object and an AR manual with virtual contents will be displayed on the screen, allowing you to solve a problem more easily and quickly. When needed, you can share the view on your screen and get verbal and visual help from an expert through a video call. VIVAR makes various ways of receiving support possible, such as through an AR drawing and multi-content sharing.



AR Drawing

You can draw on your smart device’s screen during a video call and your drawing will stay in place even if the device is moving, which can be of great help in solving a problem more intuitively.

AR Manual

When you point your smart device’s camera at an object, a manual with virtual contents will be displayed on the screen in exact alignment to show you how to use the object, how to fix it, etc.

Multi-content Sharing

The sharing of 3D data, images, and texts can help a user solve problems in more and varied ways.

Want to Try VIVAR Right Now?



VIVAR will provide mobile and Web version samples, both to be released in May 2017. This spring, experience the amazing features of VIVAR.

Where Can I Use VIVAR?


VIVAR, a remote support service combined with AR, will come in handy in your everyday life as well as in the industrial fields.

At Companies, Industrial Fields and Research Institutes?

AR manuals provided through smart devices can help undertrained workers work more independently and easily. They can also be useful in training new staff.


With VIVAR, you can discuss a situation in greater detail on a video call. When needed, AR drawings and multi-content sharing can help boost the efficiency of cooperation.

In Everyday Life?

When home appliances such as refrigerators and TVs are not working right, you can share the screen through a video call with an expert and receive AR drawings to help you understand the cause of the malfunction or how to repair the product in a more intuitive and easy way.


VIVAR can work as a more efficient remote teaching tool for various activities, such as sports and crafts.  

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