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Imagine a New Future with MAXST’s Technology

We Are Developing the Best AR Engine with an Innovative In-house Technology.

Marker-based AR

A marker-based AR application recognizes a marker whose pattern is pre-defined and overlays various multimedia contents, such as 3D objects and the videos on and around it.

2D Image-based AR

The image-based AR technology can recognize images that are not provided to an application beforehand. MAXST’s in-house-developed algorithm based on NFT (Natural Feature Tracking) ensures world-class robustness in tracking.


MAXST uses a single camera to map and then track a 3D space in real time. The MAXST SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) technology not only maps the 3D structure of the surroundings and superimposes virtual objects on it but also enables a user to interact with these virtual objects.


RGB-D AR jointly calibrates an RGB camera and a depth camera to obtain the depth value of a specific pixel in a video. It is possible to separate the objects from the background by using the information on the distances between the camera and the real-life space, which enables image synthesis without any limitation on the space or color.


AR adds new value to video calling. The MAXST AR video calling solution enables you to annotate on a shared video as well as to send text messages and transfer files. This solution holds enormous potential to be embraced by various fields.

Smart AR Glasses

The MAXST AR technology works great with various smart AR glasses, including Revelio. In particular, MAXST’s launcher for AR glasses makes the best user experience possible with goggle-type devices.