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홍보 Photo With Me is a new-concept augmented-reality camera. Wanted image is instantly cut and used at shooting for fun and dynamic photo images. This sliced photo piece (we call it ‘Seed’) is shared with other people as it can be brought from theirs to be easily used at shooting. This produced composite photo is called ‘Feed.’ When shot, the seed registrant receives a notice, and through the Following, the person’s activities can be received as news. With Seed and Feed, make friends without any language barrier. 홍보2 With Photo With Me, below activities are possible. – All-person appearing commemorative photo – New way of self-shooting – Favor world travel without actual movement – Fake evidence photo shooting – Imitating funny action & photo – Supporting & PR photo – Other various photo shooting Features : ★ Convenient photo piece (Seed) making / gathering -> Other person’s Seed can be obtained at the Seed Square. -> Through the Website (, more precise Seed can be registered. ★ Easy composite photo (Feed) shooting -> Other person’s Feed can be enjoyed at the Feed Square. ★ Receiving Feed results through Seed sharing -> With my Seed, you can receive other person’ Feed as news. ★ Receiving news through Follow -> Follow certain person to receive news of his or her activities. ★ Easy Sharing -> Easy sharing with Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler ★ Promoting product and company à -> Email us at to be registered as a Special tab. Create great photos with the Photo With Me. Photos of the new experience will be born from now.