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Inside Maxst, Press & Media
Last week, Maxst participated at Korea VR Festival 2017 (KVRF 2017), which was held at the Sangam Digital Media Complex business district in western Seoul from September 16 to September 20.
The event, co-hosted by the Ministry of Science and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), brought together nearly 200 AR/VR manufacturers and suppliers from both home and abroad. And of course, KVRF 2017 was a great chance to experience the latest AR/VR technologies and to take a glimpse at how virtual & augmented reality can impact on ordinary lives now and in the future.

We exhibited Maxst AR SDK, a video call remote support service based on AR called VIVAR and Hyundai Virtual Guide. These 3 main products received the attention of visitors and the media.

Additionally, as a part of the event, Ph.D. Cho, who is in charge of Maxst research lab gave a lecture on Maxst AR SDK and it also successfully finished in the presence of a large audience.

We are thank you for your firm support and looking forward to meeting you again at ITU Telecom World 2017, which will be held at Bexco convention center in Busan from September 25 to September 28.

For more information about ITU Telecom World 2017, click here.

Announcing that our patent on AR content based on 3D point cloud recognition is granted by U.S. government.

The formal title of patent is ‘Method for displaying augmented reality content based on 3D point cloud recognition, and apparatus and system for executing the method’ and is registered as of date of 22nd of Aug 2017.

Announcing that our patent on video call system by using augmented reality is granted.

The formal title of patent is ‘the system and method of video call technology based on augmented reality’ and is registered as of date of 9th of Aug 2017.
By holding this technology, we have become one of few AR companies that grafted video call system onto AR. Look forward to the next step of what we are going to make something amazing with this new technology.

Maxst is always working on improving the performance of MAXST AR SDK.
The improvement task focuses on image, 3D, object recognition and SLAM technology. And today, we would like to present the enhanced performance of image-based AR SDK engine.

As you can see on the video, MAXST AR SDK enables robust tracking in various conditions such as fast camera movement, bent or partly hidden images.

The next video is a footage of a performance comparison test of image-based AR between MAXST AR SDK and Kudan SDK.
The test done under the same condition clearly shows the difference in performance between MAXST AR SDK and Kudan SDK.

MAXST AR SDK ensures:
– robust tracking even with fast camera movement
– robust tracking even with bent or partly hidden images

The improved version of MAXST AR SDK is going to be released soon through Maxst official webpage. (

Announcing that Maxst has got a new patent registration regarding SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology.
The formal title of patent is ‘The System and Tool for Implementation of 3D Point Group Based Augmented Reality’ and is registered as of date of 5th April 2017.

By holding SLAM technology that is spotted as one of most important topics among AR and computer vision community, we believe Maxst has strengthened the global competitiveness in the AR industry.

Notice, SDK
Since MAXST AR SDK was released in 2012, we have been focusing on developing various types of AR SDKs that meet developers’ needs. Finally this April, we are launching MAXST AR SDK 3D!
So here we got an early bird offer to celebrate the release of MAXST AR SDK 3D!
The normal prices of 2D/3D SDK are respectively $999 for lifetime but we offer both SDKs at HALF price!
The half price license comes without any further limitations added. You can still publish your apps for commercial purposes and get technical support from Maxst engineers.
(This promotion lasts until 100 copies are sold out) MAXST AR SDK 3D is the answer for your AR projects as it provides you with the various AR content implementation while costing the least with the best result! Do not miss the chance to get a great AR SDK only at $499!

Download Maxst AR SDK 2D or Maxst AR SDK 3D by clicking the bold letters 🙂