Transforming an image into a linkage of real images to augmented reality images has a critical drawback that those augmented contents are no longer trackable when the actual targeted image is out of camera frame. Therefore, it is impossible to augment the image if the virtual contents are shaped too large or specific long distance is required from the targeted image for augmentation.
MAXST provide a solution for this issue by using +6 axis sensors enabling tracking the contents constantly. In other words, the coordinated value generated from the link image maps with camera sensors so that continuous tracking is possible even though the image is out of camera frame. This is an exclusive technology that MAXST holds patent both in Korea and USA.
Another problem of current AR GPS positioning is that the augmented image on the screen is not fixed onto the actual object therefore it more looks like the virtual image is floating around based on the actual image when GPS location information is used as a linkage to augment reality. This is because there is an average error existing in GPS coordinates as well as our world is formed with objects of various different shapes. What we focused on our research is how those floating images can be fixed on the ground while reducing the errors of GPS coordinates. Eventually we have developed our exclusive patented technology that shortens the gap between digital images and physical environments.
Beacon sensor allows Bluetooth devices to broadcast and receive tiny information within short distances. In other words, it consists of two parts which are a broadcaster (beacon device) and a receiver (smartphone app). We have developed a solution using beacon sensor, obtaining user’s indoor localization and show relevant AR images on user’s mobile device. AR beacon sensor enables museums and mall plan a unique marketing as well as users experience something different during shopping. Additionally AR beacon sensor has been adopted into architectural field for process control and maintenance.