invites all the children in the world.

Introducing Pororo With Me!
It has an educational function with dynamic sounds and while making happy moments with
your children when taking pictures with Pororo and his friends.
  • Taking photo with Pororo and his friends

    - Take photo with maximum 12 pororo characters together.
    - Photo morphing with existing photos are also available
    - Move/rotation/resizing and 9 photo filters as a basic function.
    - Taken photos are automatically saved in the library

  • 16 different themes and 192 contents of Pororo and his friends

    - Each theme has 12 contents and those contents will be continuously added up.
    - Reaction to various interesting sounds provided in the app to maximize fun factor and degree of concentration

  • Pororo and his friends are moving and being looked in 3D!

    - Pororo characters taken photo with me are moving even in the photo album!
    - Take a photo with 3D character with any angle you want!

  • Cut off your existing photos for photo morphing

    - Make your own character to take picture!

  • Share on your SNS

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