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Maxst is always working on improving the performance of MAXST AR SDK.
The improvement task focuses on image, 3D, object recognition and SLAM technology. And today, we would like to present the enhanced performance of image-based AR SDK engine.

As you can see on the video, MAXST AR SDK enables robust tracking in various conditions such as fast camera movement, bent or partly hidden images.

The next video is a footage of a performance comparison test of image-based AR between MAXST AR SDK and Kudan SDK.
The test done under the same condition clearly shows the difference in performance between MAXST AR SDK and Kudan SDK.

MAXST AR SDK ensures:
– robust tracking even with fast camera movement
– robust tracking even with bent or partly hidden images

The improved version of MAXST AR SDK is going to be released soon through Maxst official webpage. (

Announcing that Maxst has got a new patent registration regarding SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology.
The formal title of patent is ‘The System and Tool for Implementation of 3D Point Group Based Augmented Reality’ and is registered as of date of 5th April 2017.

By holding SLAM technology that is spotted as one of most important topics among AR and computer vision community, we believe Maxst has strengthened the global competitiveness in the AR industry.

Maxst, the AR solution group is announcing that we have got a brand new official website since April 2017!
In the renewal, every side of webpage is designed with user friendly UX for clients or visitors who are interested in products and service of Maxst while providing not only Korean but also English version for global approach.
The initial page shows a video clip made by Maxst which helps audience to understand the AR technology of Maxst then introduces four main products/services of Maxst by scrolling down. VIVAR, the AR remote support service with video call, Maxst AR SDK, AR manual and Revelio, the AR smart glasses are presented in sequence so that users are able to obtain information of each product at a glance while more detail can be found by a single click from initial page.
The futuristic design of font and theme color indicate the identification of the AR company dealing with high technology. Also, members’ page of top menu ‘Company’ is one of our attractive features for audience as each member’s face is covered with their favorite cartoon character to show a little touch of humor of Maxst.
We believe that our brand-new website is going to strengthen business competitiveness in the global market while accelerating marketing of our AR solutions.

Come visit us today at to look around a totally whole new Maxst website.

Notice, SDK
Since MAXST AR SDK was released in 2012, we have been focusing on developing various types of AR SDKs that meet developers’ needs. Finally this April, we are launching MAXST AR SDK 3D!
So here we got an early bird offer to celebrate the release of MAXST AR SDK 3D!
The normal prices of 2D/3D SDK are respectively $999 for lifetime but we offer both SDKs at HALF price!
The half price license comes without any further limitations added. You can still publish your apps for commercial purposes and get technical support from Maxst engineers.
(This promotion lasts until 100 copies are sold out) MAXST AR SDK 3D is the answer for your AR projects as it provides you with the various AR content implementation while costing the least with the best result! Do not miss the chance to get a great AR SDK only at $499!

Download Maxst AR SDK 2D or Maxst AR SDK 3D by clicking the bold letters 🙂

Virtual fitting solution Fantacloth was presented at KCON 2015 USA held in Los Angeles last week (Jul 31 – Aug 2). KCON is an annual K-pop convention held in USA and number of famous K pop stars like Girls Generation and 2NE1 present for this event. Fantacloth team had placed at K-ICT Dreamzone where all creative and innovative Korean IT products are presented. We have successfully introduced our virtual fitting system Fantacloth to loads of people came to the convention and here we show how much people enjoyed and amazed Fantacloth the virtual fitting solution! 🙂 Check out the exciting moments of Fantacloth booth at KCON 2015! It was a great opportunity for us to be with visitors from world-wide and hope this time would be the stepping stone to expand our service to bigger world soon. Yes, that’s why we are working hard on research and development every single day. 🙂

Inside Maxst
Maxst have been to company outing last Friday and Saturday for two days. This year Yang-Pyeong was chosen for our outing place as it takes only one and half hour from Seoul as well as providing a beautiful scenery and fresh air. It was a worthful time to socialize together with members of Maxst so we get to know each other more and more while doing various outdoor activities such as a foot volleyball and a basket ball game. Plus countless talking and singing until the sun almost comes up. Let us show you how we have enjoyed the last weekend of May 2015.Company outing which was more like family outing has been safely done and now we have come back to our daily routine as usual. However, the happy memories we have made would become a good source of being more creative and more vigorous at work!Thank you.

Maxst AR SDK 2.0 has been released. A couple of main change compared to the older version is 2.0v is more focused on user interface such as equipping with a marker learning website and it also can be used both in commercial and non-commercial purpose for free as long as the watermark is shown on the outcomes. SDK Download link: Let’s us briefly introduce the features of MAXST AR SDK 2.0V. 1)Providing AR SDK based on PC/IOS/Android * IOS will be added as soon as possible 2) Natural Feature Tracking(Markerless) 3) Unity3d Plug-in Also these features down here show the significant changes from the later version.
  • Strengthen learning module
Learning through PC program -> Exclusive website for learning ( Unity3D package formation only -> available to find the information of Target which has finished learning
  •  Recognition function improvement
Turn Based Matching algorithm -> Matrix Matching algorithm
  • Tracking speed development
Through parallel transaction and multi threading.
  • Rendering engine widely used
Used Unity3d game engine. MAXST AR SDK 2.0 will be continually deveoped and strengthened its function such as adding various recognizing tools, HMD function and many more. AR SDK is researched and developed only thorough Korean technology. Yet,this is only beginning and we are going to go beyond our limit by making a popularised SDK amongst other western made imageAR_main2

Press & Media
홈쇼핑서 맘에 드는 옷, 3차원 영상으로 입는다 증강현실 기술업체 ‘맥스트’ ‘TV홈쇼핑을 보다가 노란색 원피스가 맘에 든 주부 김미래씨는 원피스를 직접 입은 자신의 모습을 확인해보기로 한다. 김씨가 스마트TV 앞에 서자 TV에 장착된 적외선 카메라가 김씨 체형을 찍어 원피스를 입은 모습을 3차원 화면으로 구현해 준다.’

증강현실(AR) 기술 업체 맥스트의 박재완(39) 대표는 “가상의 콘텐트를 현실 세계에서 3차원으로 체험할 수 있는 기술이 완성 단계”라며 “김미래씨처럼 집에서 실제와 똑같이 가상으로 옷을 입어보고 쇼핑할 수 있는 날도 멀지 않았다”고 말했다. 맥스트는 이미 증강현실 기술을 독자 개발해 교육이나 여행 등의 분야에서 실제 이용할 수 있는 서비스를 내놨다. 맥스트가 교육용으로 만든 동물 소개 프로그램은 상반기 중 경기도의 한 동물원에 설치된다. 관람객이 기린 우리에 붙어 있는 태그에 스마트폰을 갖다 대면 아프리카 초원에서 기린이 뛰어다니는 모습을 3차원 화면으로 보여주는 식이다.

증강현실 기술은 세계시장 규모가 2010년 2100만 달러(약 230억원) 정도지만 2016년에는 30억 달러(약 3조2000억원)로 커질 것이란 분석이다. 여기에 쇼핑을 비롯해 의료·군사·교육·여행 등의 콘텐트와 결합하면 시장 규모는 기하급수적으로 성장할 것이란 전망이다. 세계적인 시장조사기관인 가트너 역시 2008~2012년 세계 10대 유망기술로 증강현실 기술을 선정했다. 국내에서는 지식경제부가 2009년 이 기술을 신성장동력 산업으로 지정했다. 맥스트의 증강현실 기술은 적외선 카메라만으로 누구나 손쉽게 3차원 콘텐트를 즐길 수 있다는 게 장점이다. 적외선 카메라가 장착된 TV 앞에 서면 게임 속에서 갑옷이나 투구를 쓴 주인공으로 활약할 수 있다. 또 이 카메라로 찍은 세계 곳곳의 관광지 풍경을 3차원으로 구경할 수도 있다. 박 대표는 “ 앞으로 거실 벽이나 유리창 등에서 3차원 콘텐트를 즐길 수 있을 것”이라며 “거실 벽에서 영화도 보고 멀리 떨어진 의사로부터 건강검진도 받을 수 있을 것”이라고 말했다. 맥스트는 박 대표를 비롯한 청년 창업가 세 명이 5000만원을 들고 2010년 세운 벤처에서 출발했다. 이후 자금난으로 기술 개발에 어려움을 겪었지만, 2011년 8월 지경부에서 3억원을 지원받으면서 기술 개발에 탄력이 붙었다. 맥스트는 국내는 물론 미국 등에서 특허를 냈고 글로벌 경쟁사들보다 기술이 앞서 있다는 평가를 받으면서 벤처캐피털의 투자까지 잇따라 유치했다.

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