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Company Outing of Spring 2015!

Maxst have been to company outing last Friday and Saturday for two days. This year Yang-Pyeong was chosen for our outing place as it takes only one and half hour from Seoul as well as providing a beautiful scenery and fresh air. It was a worthful time to socialize together with members of Maxst so we get to know each other more and more while doing various outdoor activities such as a foot volleyball and a basket ball game. Plus countless talking and singing until the sun almost comes up. Let us show you how we have enjoyed the last weekend of May 2015.

우리는 지금 양평으로 떠나요!

OTW to YangPyeong. Yay!

양평 레일바이크를 타는 맥스트 멤버들의 모습.

Riding a rail-bike. It’s a literally a bicycle riding on the railway!

유쾌하고 즐거웠던 족구타임

Foot volleyball time!

석양 아래서 맞이하는 무한 바베큐타임!

The most delicious BBQ in the world behind sunset.

모닥불 곁에 둘러앉아 펼치는 장기자랑 경연.

Playing around a campfire

워크샵 익일 아침 산책

A morning walk on the next day

Company outing which was more like family outing has been safely done and now we have come back to our daily routine as usual. However, the happy memories we have made would become a good source of being more creative and more vigorous at work!
우리는 맥스트입니다!

We are Maxst!

Thank you.



Chaesong Kim

Marketing Manager