Breathing new life into every imagery existing in the world.

We live in the world with numerous 2D images excising such as magazines, books, digital signages and many more. Yet, earning more information or experiencing something realistic through those 2D images has been considered as a hard nut to crack which might be only possible in our imagination or the sci-fi stories. Here we are introducing Augmented Reality (AR) solution, which is the leading-edge technology enabling all of these imaginations into the real life without complicating procedures. For instance, clothing shopping will be a lot easier by trying items through a virtual fitting solution and photographs on newspapers or textbooks will instantly provide a related contents when scanning a selected image with your mobile device. In a word, we, Maxst provide you the AR solutions allowing real time-realistic virtual experiences via connecting physical images to digital world.
  • Virtual experience before purchasing goods on/offline through images on catalogues or an AR kiosk installed in the shop
  • Entering for sales events or prize draw with a digital signage on public places
  • Obtaining more information from videos provided through scanning pictures on newspapers or books
  • Providing 3D version of artworks in the gallery which interacts with users’ motion
  • Finding a direction to a tour destination through a program showing user’s current location and the route to the intending tour spot when scanning an actual map of tourist area on the mobile device
  • And many more services you cannot even imagine!
  • Entertainment

    Scanning celebrities’ record album, concert tickets or commercial poster to gain more information as well as purchasing related products
  • Education

    Indirect experience of different ecology system or simulating difficult or dangerous scientific experiments using virtual experience
  • Shopping

    Virtual experience before purchasing goods on/offline through images on catalogues or special tool that is installed in the shop
  • Marketing

    Playing AR games with virtual images utilized in the promotion and share the experience on SNS for more public exposure