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Technology Creating New Value

MAXST AR SDK Is the Easiest Way to Develop an AR App.

It is easy to set up MAXST AR SDK. The various samples that come with it will help you build AR apps for multiple platforms in a fast and easy way.

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Fast and Powerful Performance

The engine optimized for mobile devices is light, and the SIMD for each platform, such as NEON and SSE, enables fast recognition and tracking.

Unity 3D Plug-in

Provided as a Unity 3D plug-in, MAXST AR SDK works with all the Unity 3D formats and features.

Multiple Platforms 

Smart glasses as well as all mobile and PC platforms are supported, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Epson Moverio.

Free Version Available

The free version without period limits welcomes your instant trial. 



Create immersive and realistic AR experiences! MAXST AR SDK 3D’s SLAM algorithm maps 3D spaces, enabling the occlusion effect as well as the physics engine effect.

3D Space Mapping

The SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) algorithm based on an RGB camera makes it possible to learn a 3D space and then to recognize and track it.

Physics Engine Effect

The physics engine effect, such as snow accumulating on a roof, can be easily produced (tutorials provided).

Occlusion Effect

MAXST AR SDK facilitates the occlusion effect, in which the whole AR content or a part of it is screened by a real-life object (tutorials provided).

Powerful Performance

Recognition: <0.7 sec

Tracking: >25 fps



MAXST AR SDK 2D recognizes and tracks 2D images fast and robustly. It will come in handy when you’re building AR apps.

Multiple Image Recognition

MAXST AR SDK 2D registers up to 200 target images per channel, and can recognize them simultaneously.

Easy Video Augmentation

A video can easily be augmented by directly using the video texture output from the hardware decoder.

Powerful Performance

Recognition: <0.2 sec

Tracking: >20 fps 

MAXST AR SDK Creates the Future

AR technology will bring about a dramatic change in our everyday lives. The labels on the shelves of marts around the corner will be enriched with additional AR information, and textbooks will come with 3D AR contents. A virtual model of a skyscraper will be overlaid on an architect’s meeting room table, shared not only by his team in the room but also by his customers halfway around the world. The development of smart glasses powered by AR technology will lead to an ideal working environment with full hands-free access to various information. Be a part of the future with MAXST AR SDK!